Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 5 Review : Amazing!

Image Courtesy : Screen Rant     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Warner Brothers

Story wise this episode moves along pretty quickly. We get so many answers in this one. This is another wonderful episode in the season.

We get answers like, who is this other Superman. What's Ally's plan is, sort-of. This other dimension or the reverse dimension does exist that Ally keeps on talking about. That's the biggest take away from this episode. It's so wonderfully directed and acted. Every moment of it is worth watching. 

There is lot happens in this episode like Jonathan for once is struggling more than Jordan, and he is getting addicted to this drug which is created from the X-cryptonite. We see that Jonathan is having some anger issues because of the drugs he is consuming. On the other hand Grandpa John starts training with Jordan to prepare him in the time of need to help Superman. Lois is tries to figure out what's really going on with Ally and she also questions her own report and if she missed something in her report. Clark on the other hand wants to work with Anderson to stop the other Superman but Anderson is still reluctant to work with Superman and he thinks that somehow Superman is maybe secretly working with this other Superman.

Later on Superman manages to capture this other Superman and he realizes that the other Superman is actually the opposite of him. That's how he manages to capture him using the X-cryptonite as he is the opposite version of him. Before capturing the Superman Lois also encounters this opposite Superman and she finds out that the other Superman is actually looking for Ally and some how Ally is the reason this other Superman is here in their world.

Superman saves Ally, while Ally drugs Crissy. Crissy also experiences this other dimension or the reverse dimension where Ally is basically the dictator of that place. She also tells all these things to Lois. 

The story gets really interesting hereon. That's what keeps us engaging to this episode. Well done to the writers. On the other hand Lana and Sarah find out that Kyle actually cheated on Lana and that's breaks their hearts. The emotional story is very well integrated in the story that it doesn't feel forced and get so much attached to the characters. The character arcs in this whole season are perfectly handled. 

Overall this was another terrific episode in the season and it's keep on getting interesting. I'm really curious now to see the rest of the story.

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