Peacemaker Episode 8 (Finale) Review : Loved It!

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The final episode of the show is absolutely fantastic, I loved it. It's full of action and some really good emotional scenes. Add to that we also get to see some surprising cameos from the most unlikely characters in the show.

Everything in this last episode was on point. The way they've developed the characters and their relationship with each other, it just hits the mark. This total episode is entertaining from the get go. The action particularly is magnificent, the way they've used the title song while the action sequences is pretty cool. But the main take away from the episode is the emotional connect between the characters. Peacemaker and Leota's chemistry is amazing. In fact each characters is fantastic in this entire show. Vigilante is one my favorites is well. The actor playing Vigilante is just perfect for the role. He has made the show even better.

The entire action sequence in this episode is so entertaining, it's wonderfully choreographed. It has its anxious moments too, specially when Harcourt and Vigilante get shot, for a moment I thought that they might kill off Harcourt but I think she has a lot to do in the second season. They've already announced the second season. So there is a lot to do with all these characters. 

This biggest surprise was when they actually showed Jason Mamoa and Ezra Miller in the episode, at first I thought may be they just going to show some figures as the Justice League but they actually did it, and on top of that Aquaman got swear on screen. 

The ending is also perfect. Leota exposed the whole suicide squad  mission and she also exposes her own mother Amanda Waller, Some of the dialogues between the characters will surely touch the audience. They so wonderfully performed. Not to forget all the Peacemaker's helmets, so dope. 

Overall I loved the show, I loved each character and the way they'v been portrayed. Couldn't wait to watch the second season. This one is definitely recommended.

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