The Adam Project Teaser (Ryan Reynolds)

Image Courtesy : CinemaBlend     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Netflix

I would literally watch anything featuring Ryan Reynolds currently. The teaser for his new movie The Adam Project is just out and looks great. It's a Netflix movie and going by the teaser trailer it looks like a lot of fun. 

It's a movie involving Time Travel, which is still a fascinating subject for a movie, especially when you have Ryan Reynolds in the movie. The visual effects look top notch, the action looks cool. And it's from the director of Free Guy, I really liked that movie. This one also looks great. 

Along with Ryan Reynolds we have Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana  and Mark Ruffalo in the movie, which makes it even better. The teaser trailer is very well edited and does its job. We get to some really cool action in the teaser. Some futuristic stuff, as this is a Time Travel movie. 

Ryan Reynolds just makes every character so lovable, that it keeps you engaged to any of his movies. This one also looks like a clear winner already. I know it's just a teaser but I sure this one is going to be a joyride. Looking forward to it.

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