Peacemaker Episode 7 Review : Best Episode Thus Far.

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This is to me the best episode of the series so far, for so many reasons. It has everything, some highly unpredictable moments, cool action and amazing pace to the story. The fight scenes in this episode are incredible. 

This is definitely the most emotional episode in the series. We get to see some really well executed dramatic scenes in this one. We finally get to see how Peacemaker's brother dies and how his Dad blames him for it. That scene just breaks you. John Cena has done a fantastic job in these difficult scenes and the child actors are amazing. There is a lot more in this episode than Peacemaker's back story. The departure of Murn was the most shocking one for me. That character was really dope. The scene where Murn gets killed by Detective Song is fantastic again very well executed. 

The action in this episode is also very cool, specially the action involving The White Dragon, the one scene where The White Dragon flips a van is pretty cool. That entire sequence with Peacemaker,  Vigilante and John is so entertaining. The White Dragon suit looks amazing and it has so many features that also looked cool. The scene with Eagly is also fabulous and very touching. Even though this episode is full with emotional moments, there are also some funny scenes which land very well. 

The highlight could be though, the fight scene between Harcout and Judomaster, that was some next level fight scene. The choreography of that fight scene is top notch. Kudos to the stunt people for performing such absorbing stunts. The other which comes close to this is where Peacemaker kills his father, that was a powerful scene too.

At the end of the show we get to see the Cow, and it looks weird but cool. This episode had lot of gas in it. I enjoyed it a lot. With only one episode remaining now, it'll be fascinating to see how they end this show.

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