Attack Trailer Review Feat. John Abraham : Looks Impressive

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The trailer for the new John Abraham movie just dropped and it looks really good. Good visual effects, cool action sequences but the best part of the trailer is the way it's edited and synced with music is pretty impressive. The music gets the viewers excited for sure.

This movie looks like an experiment as far as the story in concerned. But the way they have put together this trailer, one would hope for the best. John Abraham once again has shown his skills with some cool action and hand to hand fight scenes. The fight choreography looks really good, at least in the trailer. This basically looks like a story of a Super Soldier, which I think a rarely explored territory in the Indian cinema. We may have seen plenty of such movies in the Hollywood or maybe in the movies in other countries. For India though this is kind of newish concept. 

John Abraham is perfect for the role, at least to me. He has shown us in the past that he can handle action oriented roles pretty well. So this could be a power packed movie full of action and fight scenes. I hope they don't overuse the visual effects. Sometimes makers get carried away with the visual effects. But the trailer looks good by all means. Let's hope they get it right in this one. 

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