Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 6 Review

Image Courtesy : Tell-Tale     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Warner Brothers

This episode reveals so much right off the bat, with showing us who is this reverse Superman and where has he come from. The opening of the episode was pretty dope I must admit. Some really cool visuals and catchy music. 

The reverse Superman tells the Superman that the pendant must be destroyed in order to save the both worlds or Ally will possess God like power. So either they have to kill Ally or destroy the pendant. Superman chooses the second option and decides to destroy the pendant. But the thing is Anderson doesn't trust Superman. Anderson even gets harshly scolded by his senior officer. 

Story wise so much goes along in this episode. Lana and her family has a tough time dealing with the situation which Kyle created. Lois meets her sister with her Dad trying to calm things between the sisters. It actually works for a while but as expected it doesn't last too long. Jonathan also makes some bad decisions and chooses to inhale the X-cryptonite. Jordan finds out about the X-cryptonite and because of that he has a fight with Jonathan. 

I'm a bit surprise that they didn't even mention John Iron in this episode. But I guess there was so much ground to cover story wise that they couldn't fit in his story. I would love to see him more though. 

Superman tells Anderson about the other Superman and that he wants to destroy the pendant but then Anderson decides to take matters into his hands and he captures Superman, the scenes when the Superman gets captured is so cool that they mirrored the exact fight scene with the other Superman.

The episode ends on a curious note, where Anderson tells her junior officer that Superman will be kept in prison along with his brother ie Morgan Edge. It'll be now very interesting to see how that pans out.

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