Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 8 Review

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This is another fantastic episode in the series, I'm saying this right off the bat. I've said this before but this show never ceases to amaze me. Episode after episode the makers are delivering some amazing content. This episode is a testimony of that.

I'm really glad that they showed John Irons in this episode, he was missing for the last few episodes, so it was nice to see him back. We also get to see how Natalie got here on this earth following her father. It was really nice to see some backstory of Natalie. The scenes with Natalie and Clark are very well executed. You can feel the drama in the scenes. Full marks to the actors for seamlessly handling the scenes. 

On the other hand Anderson goes to the reverse world to meet the reverse version of Ally, who sends a message to this earth's version of Ally. The story moves pretty quickly in this episode. Lana also deals with some stuff and she decides to get some help from Kyle for her campaign as Kyle is the ideal person to help her in that department. That preparation portion between Lana & Kyle is also very well executed. The whole episode is filled with some really nice moments. 

As the story moves forward Ally decides to go to the reverse world with pendant that Anderson has brought for her. Meanwhile Sam takes Anderson's place to deal with the situation only to find out that Anderson's has taken the pendant without anyone noticing. Jonathan still refuses to reveal her girlfriend's name to Clark and Lois, so he gets some punishment. Whereas Sarah wants Jordan to meet her friend Aubrey whom she kissed in the camp to that offer Jordan agrees reluctantly. 

While coming back from work with Candice, Jonathan gets attacked by a person who is using X-cryptonite, just as the person starts beating up Jonathan, Jordan comes to his rescue but in the process he misses his meeting with Sarah and Aubrey. 

As we move along, Ally tries to enter the reverse dimension where she also invites Chrissy to join her along with Anderson and few others. Just as Anderson and few others enter the reverse dimension through a portal. Superman arrives just in time and saves Chrissy and Ally. 

Lois and Sam then get worried about Lucy fearing that she also went in the reverse dimension and probably died in process. But Lucy shows up later to everyone's relief. But we later find out that it was all Ally's plan to make sure that she enters the reverse dimension. Lucy drugs Sam to get his card key and break Ally out of the custody.

Once again just like the previous episodes this one is also wonderfully performed and amazingly executed. Well done to the makers yet again.

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