Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 7 Review

Image Courtesy : Tell-tale TV      Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Warner Brothers 

The show keeps on getting better, this is very rare in any show. This episode is no exception. Some really powerful moments in this one. I really liked the scenes between Superman and Morgan Edge. The drama is so wonderfully shown. The story also moves along pretty well in this episode.

There is so much drama in this episode all very well presented. Never feels too much. The way they have handled the stuff between Jonathan and Jordan is fabulous. The moment when Jonathan gets caught with the X-cryptonite is very well shot and then Jonathan refusing to reveal his girlfriend's name is also very well handled. There is also stuff going on with Lana and she deals with her family issues. The scenes between Lana and Lois are also worth mentioning. The actors have done a great job in handling the intense scenes. It was a surprise to see Sarah's friend whom she kissed in the camp, the whole scene between the two was very interesting. I wonder where that story goes now. 

The highlight of the episode though is stuff happening between Superman and Anderson. Also it was quite weird to see Superman and Morgan Edge aka Tal working together. I think the makers might redeem the Character of Morgan Edge. It was really nice to see them working together. Not only that Morgan Edge actually saves  Superman's life. Who would've thought that. Anderson tuning bad was always on the cards but I never thought that they would kill the other Superman just like that. It was sad to see him go. 

Overall this was another engaging episode. It's quite nice to see the consistency of the show. Hopefully it keeps its momentum throughout the season.

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