The Boys Season 3 Teaser : It's here...

Image Courtesy : Den of Geek     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Amazon Prime Video

The teaser for the season 3 of The Boys has just released and it looks amazing. There is no dialogue in the teaser yet it's exciting and absolutely fantastic.

We get see some glimpses of Butcher probably taking the Compound V and getting The Homlander like super powers by the looks of it. I didn't expect that to happen, purely because Butcher doesn't like Sups. But on the other hand if he wants to defeat people like Homlander he has to take desperate decisions like taking the Compound V. I can't wait to see how that pans out.

We also get to see some new characters, I can see Soldier Boy and some other characters as well. We also get to the team with Hughie, MM, Frenchie and Kimiko along with Starlight. It's really good to see them together again. 

Interestingly we also see a dance number, maybe a promotional event of some kind. A-Train is back in the team and grooving it seems. The Deep has some weird moments in this short teaser. I wonder how his story shapes up.

There is so much ground to cover in Season 3. This teaser surely will make people even more excited about the show. Let's wait for the full trailer in coming days.

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