Moon Knight Episode 2 Review : Intriguing!

Image Courtesy : TVLine     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Marvel Studios
The first episode of this show was one of best first episodes that I've seen. And second episode is no different, it's fantastic. Really well made and performed.

We get to know a little bit more about the Moon Knight. Things like what's Moon Knight's purpose is and how he is connected to Steven Grant. That's quite an interesting part of the episode. The way Oscar Isaac has handled his part is commendable, he is incredible. This was a fun episode and I wasn't expecting so many jokes in it. The jokes land perfectly in this episode. The introduction of Lyla is very good and the actress playing the role is quite remarkable is well. All the actors are great in this show. Ethan Hawke is perfect as this manipulative bad guy. 

There are some really cool scenes in this episode. One of them is where instead of Moon Knight, Mr Knight shows up. And I'm digging the Mr Knight outfit, it's dope. The scene in which Moon Knight kills the Jackal is very well shot and was a treat to watch. The direction is sharp. The editing is excellent. The visual effects are much better than the first episode, given that there is less action in this episode.

We get to quite a few answers in this episode, most of them is explained by Ethan Hawke's character. We get to know that how he knows so many things and he used to be Moon Knight before Marc Spector. But now he serves Ammit. We also see some really cool interaction between Steven and Marc. It's really fascinating to see how Oscar Isaac has performed these two different roles. There is also some explanation about Khonshu and how he controls people. We still can't say who is the bad guy here. 

Overall this one is a great second episode and this show has increased my excitement quite a bit. Hopefully we'll get to see some more mysterious stuff in the upcoming episodes.

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