Halo (TV Series) Episode 3 Review : It's getting better

Image Courtesy : Windows Central     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Paramount+

The first episode of this show a bunch of action but next two episodes including this one doesn't have much action but it's really good and so well made. I'm totally enjoying the way it's directed and performed. The way of story telling is top notch.

I'm liking everything about this show thus far. The way it's building the story and developing the characters is very interesting. The show is very well written and the story is very different from the video game. That's the most important thing, sometimes just showing the original story from the game as it is on the live action series can be tricky. That's why I'm loving this show. It's very different from the game yet there are elements which will remind you of the game.

This third episode is very well paced, the acting is just perfect from everyone. That makes the show even better. The visual effects are top notch. The scenes with Master Chief are fantastic. And the introduction of Cortana is amazing to see on screen. The overall design of Cortana is excellent, the voice the animation everything is outstanding. There are some really nice scenes in this episode where we get to how the Master Chief is feeling after removing the device which was preventing him from feeling his emotions. One more scene where the blessed one absolutely wipes out an entire crew of a space ship with the help of some kind of Covenant creatures. The actress playing the blessed one is superb. We also get to see her back story.

Overall I'm absolutely loving this show. The visual effects, the performances and the direction everything is top class. Specially I'm also happy because of Shabana Azmi who is playing a pivotal role in this one, for those who don't know who is Shabana Azmi, she is playing Admiral Margaret in this show. She is a veteran Indian cinema actress. One more reason to like this wonderful show. Looking forward to some wonderful action in the coming episodes.

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