Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 12 Review

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So many things happen in this episode. The beginning took me by surprise. The way Lois reacts to Clark when he reveals his secret of being Superman. I was expecting a different reaction but this one is better than I imagined. So many good scenes in this episode.

The highlight of the episode is the fight between Ally, Superman & Tal-Rho aka Morgan Edge. It was very interesting fight sequence. John Henry comes at the right time and saves the day. Superman & Tal-Rho destroy the pendant which was another surprise. But we find out that Ally can suck out power from other super beings. Meanwhile Lana deals with Clark's secret in a different way and blames Lois for keeping the secret from her. Jonathan, Jordan and Natalie go on their separate adventure to get some X-cryptonite. They get in trouble but Jordan saves them just in the nick of time. 

Kyle wonders if Lana is seeing someone and asks Sarah about it. Later he finds out that nothing such things is going on. Kyle then makes Sarah to sing in a bar on an open mike. Which turns out to be a very good idea as Sarah is writing her own songs. 

Clark and Lois tell Lana about the other Lana from the other world, to which she tells them both that they need to keep a distance from Lana's family as they could get into danger. Natalie builds her own suit and offers Jonathan to give it a try, but they need X-cryptonite to power the suit. That they fail to get in the mines.

In the other world Ally consumes all the power from the Bizzaro Tal-Rho and in process kills him. That shows how powerful ally has become. Even though the pendant is destroyed, it's going to be very difficult to stop Ally as she has this immense power with her.

This was another well put together episode which I enjoyed thoroughly. Seems like the coming episode are going to be action packed.

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