Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 13 Review

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Another intriguing episode. Looks like for the first time since the first season started this is the most worried I'am for Superman. Things are not looking good for Superman.

So much good stuff in this episode. The highlight could be the training sequence between Superman and Jordan. It was so satisfying and entertaining to watch those scenes. There are some emotional moments in this episode too. The one between Superman and Jonathan stands out. Lana's is also very well shown and it's interesting to watch. Her relation with Kyle and Sarah is so much engaging to watch. 

Natalie's part is also important in this episode. Her scenes with John Henry are very good. Her new suit looks dope. We get to see some flashbacks of Ally and Lucy when they first met. It's nice to see the progression of their relationship. But later Lucy realizes how wrong she is when Ally almost kills Sam and Superman. 

We see Superman in a very delicate condition fighting for his life. And Lois says to her boys later on in the show that Superman may never be the same again and he could become a normal human being. Then John Henry tells the Kids to step up as Superman is not there to help them.

This was another superb episode. Probably the most serious one thus far in this season. It will be very interesting to see now, how Superman deals with the situation and whether he has lost his power or not.

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