Ms. Marvel Review


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This is a wonderful show right off the bat. No two ways about it. The music is amazing, the performances are top class. Direction is tight by different directors. The most amazing thing about this show is the culture that they have shown in the series. It's just heart worming to see stuff related to India and Pakistan. Some of the real life story that hasn't been explored in the Super Hero genre. Particularly the India-Pakistan partition and the way they have shown it is just fabulous.

    The actors have made it even better, each and every character is perfectly cast. Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel is top notch, she is a natural. Other characters such as Zenobia Shroff who plays Kamala aka Ms. Marvel's mother is equally good and so is Mohan Kapoor who plays Kamala's father. In fact everyone is great. All 6 episodes are thoroughly enjoyable. The first and last episodes are probably my favorites. The action in the series is not too big but it's quite good nonetheless. Visual effects are very good.

    The sound tracks used in the show are fantastic. So many Indian songs are used in the show which makes it even entertaining. It's a perfect introduction to a Brown Superhero that too a girl in the MCU. This show is strongly recommended.

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