Only Murders in The Building : Season 2 Episode 8 Review - Delightful

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Another delightful episode in the show. Very stylish and highly entertaining. The episode is a winner all the way. The show hasn't disappointed the viewers one bit. The actors make this show even better. The direction is a masterclass for all the viewers. 

The movie moves forward pretty quickly in this episode, as is the case in most of the episodes. We get some answers but we also get some more mysteries along the way. That's the beauty of the show, it's not a hard hitting show at all but still it manages to give you that sense of danger every now and then. That's what I love about this show. The background score is as always is pretty cool in this episode.

The performances are absolutely magnificent by all the actors, specially by the leading trio. The chemistry between the three leads is quite amazing. The twists are very well handled. The direction of this episode is superb. This is as entertaining as it gets.

Every single episode the makers have managed to keep us on our toes and this episode is no exception. Fantastic episode overall.

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