Westworld Season 4 Episode 7 : Review

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The episode 7 is as gripping as the previous episodes if not more. Some of the reveals in this episode are absolutely amazing. The performances are first rate. The direction is exceptional. The episode is completely engaging and the background score only enhances the experience.

I am always impressed with the set design and the production design of this show, it really feels real and could well be real in near future. What also works in this episode is the suspense and the twists, one time you think what's going to happen but other time you don't. The unpredictability is one of the many pluses in the show and in this episode is well.

The performances are simply wonderful, each and every actor has done a fantastic job. The characters are so interesting and well written. That's what makes it more engaging. You care for the characters. The cinematography is top notch. It captures the mood of the show perfectly. I love the background score of this show. This episode in particular has a slightly different music at times and I loved it even more.

Overall this was another fantastic episode that makes you want more of this show. Well done to the directors and the makers of the show.

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