Only Murders in The Building Season 2 Episode 9 : Simply Outstanding!

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The show has everything that you need in a murder mystery comedy/drama. I don't know how the makers have managed to pull off a show like this one. It's quite incredible. This is one of the most entertaining shows I've seen in recent times. This episode is no exception. Full of twists and mysteries and little bit of drama with sprinkles of comedy. Just a perfect combination of everything.

The episode gets right into the act without wasting any time. It's amazing how every episode doesn't even bore you a second. You get some answers in this episodes but you get some mysteries as well. Some of the dramatic moments are very well executed in this episode. The performances are simply great, the top the have once again delivered a massive performance. 

Everything about this show is great. Once again the background score in this episode was so captivating. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez are without a doubt a deadly trio. They have taken this episode to the next level with their performances. The pacing of the story is perfect. The way they've shot the episode is great. The ending is as good as it gets. I'm telling you guys this show is a hidden gem.

With only one episode left in the season, I'm super excited for the season finale. They've so much to cover in the last episode. Hoping for the best. 

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