She-Hulk Episode 1 Review : A Great Start!

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The show starts off with a bang with this amazing pilot episode. Everything about the first episode is great. The comedy, the direction and performances are on point. The biggest plus from the first episode is the chemistry between Bruce and Jane. It's just amazing. The actors have done a remarkable job. I loved the first episode.

I also loved the breaking the fourth wall aspect of this show. That took me right into the show. The connection was instant. The music is fantastic, soundtrack is excellent. The pace of the show is just perfect. The action in this episode is fun to watch. The visual effects are very good. Overall I'm so hyped for this show after watching the first episode. Full marks to the director.

Hopefully this will continue throughout the show. The star cast looks at ease in this show. And that's another reason to watch the show. Strongly recommended.

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