The Last of Us - Episode 2 : It gets better...

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The second episode in the show is just as good as the first one if not better. The intensity and and the tension throughout the episode is quite incredible. The use of flashback is on point and works beautifully for the show.

What makes it even better is the visual effects in the show. The effects are top notch and it feels like you're there in the city. Even though you know that it's a green screen. The visual effects are so good that you forget about the green screen. The performance once again are high quality, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are once again deliver quality performances. The actor playing Tess is amazing, wish we would've gotten some more of her. 

The story moves along nicely in this episode and the encounter with the clickers is masterfully shown. The exposition is so nicely interwoven with the scenes that you won't even notice it. The show is great in building up the tension with almost no jump scares. It manages to keep you glued to the screens. 

With 2 fantastic episodes this already feels like a landmark show. The anticipation for the upcoming episodes in immense. 

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