The Last of Us Episode 1 Review : Intense and Classy

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The first episode of the much awaited video game adaptation The Last of Us is finally out. And it's an amazing start to the show. The first episode is so intense that I got nervous on more than one occasion. It's expertly directed and masterfully shot.

The fist episode has everything right in it. The cinematography, the music and the top notch performances. The grounded nature of this show makes it even better. Pedro Pascal as Jeol is fantastic, he has delivered a high class performance in the first episode itself. He is a capable actor and he has shown his prowess in this one. All other actors are also exceptional in their respective roles. Bella Ramsey is a powerhouse of an actor. She is so good that you can't take your eyes off her. 

The makers have done a great job in creating this show, that it gives you so much anxiety watching this show. It's a nod to the writers and the directors that they have managed to engage audience at this level. This could be best video game adaptation show ever. Both gamers and non-gamers are liking it a lot. This is only the first episode but by the looks of it, this show already feels like a winner. I'm glad that Pedro Pascal is in it because I like him a lot as an actor. 

Just hoping this show continues its momentum that it has picked up in this opening episode. Can't wait for the next episode. A must watch!

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