Doom Patrol Is An Underrated Gem!


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    Doom Patrol a Part of the DC Extended Universe, is certainly an underrated gem. With so many DC shows around like The Flash, Arrow, Titans, Superman and Lois and so on. This show has stood on its own.

    Presently running its 3rd season, this show has proved to be an excellent addition to the DC shows. The first season started out with a bang which featured an amazing antagonist in Mr Nobody. This show is basically a gang of misfits which is brought together by The Chief. 

    The storyline in this show throughout the first 2 seasons and now in the 3rd season is absolutely absorbing. This is weird but in a good way. Some of the episodes in this series are simply crazy. The creativity and the imagination of the makers is praiseworthy.

    Each and every actor has given a high class performance. Be it the character Jane, Rita, Larry, Cliff or The Cyborg, everyone has done a fantastic job. This show is perfect mixture of comedy, drama and action. The visual effects are also very well done. But for some reason this show has gone under the radar and doesn't get enough credit as it deserves.

    Hopefully in coming time this show will get more recognition and will reach a broader audience. It's getting better season after season.

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