What If...? Episode 8 Review : Mind-blowing!

"What If... Ultron Won?"
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    This episode has to be the best episode of the series so far. With an insane storyline and few shocking moments this episode delivers in a big way. The last episode was a bit lighter but this one is absolutely intense.

    The episode starts with a big action sequence featuring Black Widow and Hawkeye fighting with many Ultrons. The Watcher gives us a bit of back story on what lead to this situation. In the second Avenger movie Ultron wins and he manages to go into the body that he intended. 

    That changes everything. With Mindstone and all the intelligence at his disposal he literally destroys the world using the Nuclear Weapons. We see Tony Stark dying once again. That guy can't catch a break. We have seen him die so many times now. 

    After that Thanos appears on earth. When I saw Thanos, I thought maybe, Ultron and Thanos will cause further chaos together but that was one of the shocking moments of this episode when Ultron splits Thanos into two pieces and gets hold of the remaining Infinity Stones. That scene was just crazy, you've to see it to believe it.

    Now with the possession of all the Stones Ultron finds out about the other Worlds and starts destroying every World and creates millions of soldiers who just wipe out the planets one after another. Then Ultron goes face to face with Captain Marvel, who seems to have an upper hand on Ultron but all hope fades away as Ultron also destroys Captain Marvel and all other remaining Worlds.

    But the most shocking moment comes when Ultron hears The Watcher and goes after him. I literally dropped my jaw when that happened. This was some insane stuff to handle. The fight between The Watcher and Ultron was a visual treat. Meanwhile in trying to save the world Hawkeye also sacrifices himself. We see a reverse Endgame scene with Hawkeye and Black Widow.

    But there is another surprise. The Watcher somehow manages to escape and he goes to the Other Doctor Strange, the Dark One ie. and asks for his help. That scene was icing on the cake. This builds up to a powerful finale episode.


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