Arcane (Netflix Series) Review : Insane!


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    Arcane is an animated series and the animation is simply outstanding. It's a combination of 3D and hand drawn painting effects, it looks really cool. For the animation alone you could watch the series. But that's not the case here, the story is gripping and direction top class.

    The show engages you from the get go. It doesn't waste any time. It is a fantasy story about a city and the conflict within the city and fight between the two fractions of the city. The characters are very interesting and well put together. The background score is also amazing, the Imagine Dragon track used in the opening credits stays with you even after the show ends. 

    It consists of 9 episodes, each episode is a piece of work, you get mesmerized by the beauty of the show, at the same time this show has some nasty stuff in it. So this is definitely not for the kids. There is plenty of violence and bloodshed in the series. Nothing forced though, it's a necessary element of the show. The creation of Undercity is fantastic. The have managed to show the dispute between the elite and poor pretty well. 

    The main characters Vi and Powder (Jinx) are really well written and shown equally well in the show. Other characters like Jayce, Viktor, Mel and Caitlyn are also superbly created. The character Silco as the main antagonist is wonderful. 

    I fell in love with the Art Work and the Animation straightaway, it's that good. Looking forward to the second season now.  

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