Lost In Space Season 3 Review : Neat Ending...


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    This is one of those underrated shows that goes under the radar for most of its run time. Lost in Space is a well made web series with lots of good things in it. The most notable notable things are the production quality and the visual effects. Along with that it also has wonderful performances and an engaging story. It's bit of a surprise that this show is not as popular as it should be.

    The first season was a perfect start for this show, I was simply amazed by the quality of the visual effects, simply stunning. The performances were very good by all the actors. Second season was even better both performance and visual effects wise. 

    The third season is a fitting finale season for this show. Credit to the makers for keeping the tight grip on the story and get solid performances from all the characters. 

    The third season starts off exactly where the second season ended, with the kids getting separated from their parents and finding Grant Kelly's ship. Immediately after the first scene the story jumps a year ahead with the kids setting a camp in a newly found planet. The visuals and the design of the planet is fabulous. It's really weird to see Will getting so much taller in this season, Dr Smith also mentions that in a cheeky way. 

    The story moves along very quickly in this season, the makers decided to keep 8 episodes in this season unlike the 10 episodes in the first two seasons. That works well actually for this season. The story is very tight and fast paced. Some of the scenes with Judy and Grant Kelly her biological father are very well handled. The scenes with Will, Robot and Penny are also very entertaining. 

    The finale on the Alpha Centauri is worth watching with all action featuring the robots lead by SAR. The visuals again are stunning and incredible to watch. The comedy with Don also works even in the chaos. Overall they've managed to finish the show in a very good manner. 

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