The Expanse Season 6 Episode 2 Review : Azure Dragon


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    As this show is coming to an end it delivers another great episode. It's just unbelievable how they manage to deliver every single time. 

    The show again starts with the little girl Cara and her little adventures. That's somehow going to connect to the main plot as we near the end. It's related to Protomolecule I guess. 

    We then move to the Rocinante and where Bobbie joins the crew which really exciting to see. Aavasarala sends her to find the spotter ship Azure Dragon and get the data from it, so that they'll be able to stop the rocks hitting earth. Bobbie also finds out about Clarissa and she expresses her shock to see her there but Holden manages to calm her down. The scene where they find the spotter ship is absolutely amazing, so entertaining and keeps you hooked. Clarissa saves Bobbie from the Azure Dragon crew. Holden and Amos also get the data that they were looking for.

    On the Ceres station we see Filip struggling with his emotions and has become quite a headache to Marco. Drummer on the other hand plans something against Marco with the help of another old time Pirate friend of Ashford, this could lead to something really interesting. Marco then finds out about the Azure Dragon debacle and then he stars preparing for the coming war. 

    Overall this was a very tight episode with amazing visual effects, great performances as always. Engaging story-line. It's hard to believe that there are only 4 episodes left.

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