The Witcher Season 2 Review : Bigger & Better!


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    I really liked the first season of The Witcher but this second season is even better and absolutely fantastic in terms of story, production and performances. Not to forget the character developments and arcs of each character. This season has taken the show to an another level.

    The season season starts with the aftermath of Battle of Sodden. With Tissaia desperately looking for any sign of Yennefer but failing to find find any. At the same time Geralt and Ciri show up on the field, where Geralt is looking for Yennefer. But then he believes that Yeneffer is dead after talking to Tissaia.  Of course later on we find out that Yeneffer is still alive. The scenes are excellently shot and give us pretty horrific feeling watching all those dead bodies. 

    From the first episode itself you can feel that the production value is considerably high as compared with the last season. The visual effects are great. Action is pretty cool and stylized. Specially the fight scenes are very well choreographed, the stunt work is top notch. 

    The story moves along pretty quickly in this season, we find out that Yennefer has lost her power after using the fire spell in the Battle of Sodden, which is forbidden for Witches. Yennefer is gets captured by Fringilla who is on the opposite side working with Nilfgaard. But after travelling for some time both Yennefer and Fringilla get captured by the Elves. 

    On the other hand Geralt is taking Ciri to Kaer Morhen which is the Stronghold of the Witchers. But while going there he has to take a pit stop at his friends place who has turned into some creature after being cursed by a priestess. The first episode is full of action and is very entertaining. The creature work is fantastic. The episode almost gives a horror movie feel. Amazingly shot and executed. The second episode is no less either, we get to see another monster in the second episode, which actually infects of the Witchers. Those scenes are also wonderfully shot. Henry Cavil makes it look easy, he is simply perfect again as Geralt. The emotional scenes in the season are handled with expertise. They touch all the right notes. 

    As the season goes along we some really cool monsters, which are frightening but entertaining to watch at the same time. We later find out that the scream from Ciri has caused these monsters to come from the Monolith which was broken because of Ciri's scream. 

    Freya Allen as Ciri excels in this season, she has performed some really difficult scenes with command. The character arcs in this season are so good, kudos to the writers. MyAnna Buring is also very good in this season as Tissaia. Her love towards the Yennefer and other Mages is shown very beautifully in this season. Joey Batey as Jaskier is amazing I love his character, he brings a lot of energy to the show. There are some new additions to the show, who are also perfect in their roles, specially Kim Bodnia as Vesemir, Paul Bullion as Lambert and Mecia Simpson as Francesca they're all wonderful. 

    Eamon Farren as Cahir gets to show his acting talent particularly in this season, his performance is top quality. All other characters are also perfect, there are so many of them. I would specially like to mention one scene from the 7th Episode where Fringilla played by Mimi Ndiweni  kills a bunch of soldiers, that scene was unsettling, so strong and leaves a strong impact on you. Mimi has done a great job with her character. Anya Chalotra is once again a powerhouse, she is fabulous. The chemistry between her and Henry Cavil is amazing. 

    The storyline featuring the Deathless mother is very interesting and keeps you engaged to the show. This is pivotal plot point in this show. The scene where the Deathless mother aka Voleth Meer enters Ciri's body and kills two of the witchers while they sleep is again very disturbing to watch. Not only that we see so many infants die in this season, we saw one dying in the first season that was scary enough. 

    There are so many scenes that are the highlights of the show, goes to show how good this season is. The season ends on cliffhanger where we find out that Ciri's father is the White Flame and he is planning something big keeping her daughter in mind. The season is amazing throughout. The third season should be here sooner than later. 

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