Special Ops 1.5 Review : Even Better...


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    I really liked the first season or the Special Ops Part 1 which released last year. Only thing that bothered me in the first season was the fight scenes, they looked janky. Apart from that the show was fantastic be it the story, acting or the production value everything was on point. Kay Kay Menon is the lifeline of this show, he is a genius. Not saying that other actors weren't good, they were all superb, specially Vinay Pathak, such a natural actor.

    Coming back to this season i.e. Special Ops 1.5, it's even better. Fast paced, tight fight scenes which I enjoyed thoroughly. The stunt work in this season is amazing, kudos to the stunt coordinators. As far as the performances are concerned once again Kay Kay Menon has delivered a power-pact performance, ditto to Vinay Pathak. It's very refreshing to see Aftab back in action he is perfect in his role. Other female actors are also top notch, they display their acting prowess. 

    The story is absolutely sharp in this season, very engaging. Just like the last season the locations in this season are stunning and the cinematography is fabulous. The direction is very stylish and gripping. Overall I enjoyed this season much more than the last season. The quality is definitely going in the upward direction. Eagerly waiting for the next season. 

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