All Of Us Are Dead : Preview


Image Courtesy : Variety     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Netflix

    This is an upcoming Web Series releasing on Netflix on 28 January. There are multiple reasons to be excited about this series. The biggest reason being, this is a South Korean Zombie series and they make amazing Zombie flicks. Train to Busan is a prime example of that. They're even referred the movie in the trailer.

    The series is based on a Webtoon called Now At Our School released back in 2009. The already looks awesome and that's the main the reason all the international audience is excited about this show. The visual are pretty cool. Some of the stuff shown in the trailer is never seen before in any Zombie movie. They just make it so different that one needs to pay attention. 

    Train to Busan is one of best Zombie movie ever, at least in my book. And this series is aware of that since they've mentioned the name in the trailer. What makes it even more special that this is a web series instead of a movie. So we'll get more time for character development and plot. So this going to be a different experience than Train to Busan for sure. 

    South Korea is giving us back to back quality content be it Squid Game, Kingdom, Hellbound and now this. That's is why expectations are high on this one. Hopefully this one also turns out to be a good one like the recent show coming out from South Korea.

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