Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 2 Review


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    The episode keeps you hooked, very good development so far in the story. We also get the answer why Superman his having those vision that casing him a lot of discomfort. 

    As John and Natalie move to Kent house, Lois prepares a special breakfast for Natalie but she finds out that Natalie is a Vegan. At the same time Clark has those painful visions and everyone then finds out about his condition. Despite of the visions Clark decides to go on a mission and save some people but right in the middle of the mission he has the visions again and the bad guy who is using X-Kryptonite to enhance his abilities and because of that he overpowers Superman. But the enhanced humans who work for the US Military save him.

    To find out more about the visions Superman goes to Morgan Edge. Morgan suggests that he needs to access his cave to find out what's going on with Clark. Clark reluctantly agrees to his plans as he doesn't have any other option, Jordan joins them just in case. In the cave Morgan or Tal-Rho activates his mother's consciousness through a hologram. But we find out that Tal-Rho was lying about his powers and he tries hurt Clark and Jordan, as Clark has his visions again. But just as the visions stop Clark manages to save Jordan. They also find out about the reason why Clark is having those visions. It's somehow related to those tremors that is causing the earthquakes. 

    The whole story is very interesting and keeps the viewers engaged throughout. Meanwhile Sarah and Natalie becomes friends and Jordan finds out that Sarah kissed a girl in the camp that she went into. That breaks his heart. That story is also interesting and very merged into the main story. At the office not everything is okay with Lois as something from her past comes to haunt her again and Crissy gets concerned about it. 

    Acting wise, this show is just perfect. Every actor in this show is wonderful, that makes the show even more enjoyable. The makers have managed different stories pretty well. Just like Lana's story. As Lana decides to run for the mayor, that story has also got interesting. There is also a suspense in the story as we don't know yet what exactly is that thing or figure which is causing all those tremors and how it's connected to Clark. 

    Just like all other episodes this one was also very entertaining and engaging. The makers have managed to maintain the standards of the show. Kudos to them.

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