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    After the huge success of Badhaai Ho, the makers have come up with another film with a similar name Badhaai Do. But it's a completely different movie with a different story. 

    There are so many reasons to expect good things from this movie. First of all Rajkumar Rao, he is an amazing actor who can get into any character so effortlessly. He is a natural. He has never disappointed the viewers with his performance, he is always on point. Bhumi Pednekar is also there who is a very talented actor and she has shown her prowess multiple times in the past. But the biggest plus point for this movie is the story of the movie. Which should be the most important part of the film, which most Bollywood movies don't have. 

    Most Bollywood movies bank on the star power of the movie, not saying that there aren't movies with good scripts and stories, it's changing slowly with so many people in India are indulging overseas content. So to keep up with that content Bollywood movies need to have good stories, otherwise it won't survive with so much competition from South Indian movies and other regional language movies. 

    There are few actors in Bollywood who are making an attempt to break the pattern in the industry, hence they are choosing movies like Badhaai Do. So coming back to the story of the movie according to the trailer, which is fabulously edited if you ask me. So the story revolves around these two characters who we find out in the trailer that both are Homosexual. But due to the family pressure they have to get settled ie get married. So Rajkumar Rao's character finds a solution and puts it forward to Bhumi Pednekar's character. So the both agree and get married to keep their families off their backs.

    So basically we're going to see what challenges these two might face in the movie. Because even though the same sex marriage is allowed in India now but it'll take some time to get accepted in the society. The makers have smartly chosen a comical theme so that people can get engaged in the movie rather than getting offended by the subject. That's the easier way to put out this story in Indian cinema for now at least. 

    Other than that, the music sounds good, performances look great. Story as mentioned earlier looks interesting. So hopefully this turns out to be good movie just like Badhaai Ho. It's going to release on 11 February.

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