The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 5 Review : Best Episode Thus Far!


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    The episode starts with a bang, with the Mandalorian entrance right in the first scene itself. So the episode just gets crazier as we go along. Just to see Mando in this show was so amazing even I kind of knew that he would be making an entry into this one but who knew he'll get a full episode for himself. I just loved this episode.

    The episode starts with a fantastic fight scenes, where Mando gets on top of everyone as usual but gets injured pretty badly in the process. The fight scene was so good to watch, expertly choreographed and performed. The stuff with the Darksaber simply blew my mind. And the struggle of Mando in handling the Darksaber was a nice touch. It was so nice to see all the characters from the Mandalorian appearing in this episode. The episode itself is called Return of The Mandalorian, which is freaking awesome. 

    Mando after successfully completing the bounty, goes to a Mandalorian hideout, where he finds Armorer and Paz Vizsla. The reveal of Armorer was dope. He hands over his Beskar Spear and asks Armorer to forge it into something else for Grogu. There is also a fight scene between Mando aka Din and Paz Vizsla to claim the ownership of the Darksaber. The fight scene is intense and again very well performed. Mando win the fight in the end but after being asked by the Armorer about removing his helmet, Mando admits that he did remove his helmet. Then the Armorer let's Mando know that he is not a Mandalorian anymore and he has to leave his tribe now as he broke their code, so he goes on his own way, with the Darsaber. We also get to see some amazing visuals of the planet Mandalore which was destroyed by the Empire. The visual effects are top notch.

    After that Mando goes to Tatooine and visits Poli Motto to find himself a new ship. Where Poli Motto has a N-1 Starfighter to replace Mando's old ship Razor Crest. After the initial hesitance Mando accepts to take the N-1 Starfighter. Together they fix the ship and after fixing the ship looks sick. The whole sequence where Mando takes it for a test, was absolutely wonderful. That was one of the best scenes of the season so far. He also encounters couple of New Republic officers in the way but gets away with his newly added feather in the ship. 

    As he returns to the grounds he meets Fennec Shand, who offers him a job to assist Boba Fett in his war against the Pyke Syndicate. Which Mando happily accepts but before joining Boba Mando lets her know that he wants to pay a visit his little friend which probably means Grogu. 

    This entire episode was fantastic. Everything about it was great. Be it the pacing, the story, the fight scenes. Even the visual effects were a notch ahead of the previous episodes. Bryce Dallas Howard has done great job in directing this amazing episode. And as far as the performances are concerned, Pedro Pascal is a genius, even though we don't see his face, his voice does all the tricks. I just love to watch him play Mando. This episode could well set up The Mandalorian season 3. I am all up for it. Coming back to this show, everything is set up nicely for the ending now. Maybe only 1 or 2 episodes are left in the show. Can't wait to watch the next one.

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