The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 2 Review


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    The first episode was very good but this one just hits the ball out of the park. It's so well done that couldn't stop admiring the show. This episode was fantastic in all aspects be it the story, action, visual effects or the performances. This show quickly reached on an another level.

    The best thing that I like about this show is how they're exploring the the Tusken Raiders. Their story is so fascinating. I had never thought that I'll get to see this side of the Tusken Raiders or the Sand People as they call it. The show maintains a perfect balance between the current story and the flashbacks. The performances make the show even better. Temuera Morrison once again delivers a solid performance in this episode. We see the trauma and hardship that Boba Fett has gone through, it's compelling to watch all that stuff revealing in front of us. 

    Some of the scenes with the Tusken Raiders are absolutely amazing. Specially the train sequence, yes you read it right, a train in a Star Wars Universe. Reminded me a little bit of Mad Max. The whole sequence with the train is breathtaking to watch.  Even just imagining a train in that environment is thrilling. The action is top notch, very entertaining to watch. The fight scenes are very well choreographed just like The Mandalorian. The visual effects are high class. 

    The whole story of Boba Fett getting accepted in the Tusken Raiders community is very touching. The moment where Boba Fett receives clothes from the Tusken Raiders is one of the highlights of the episode. Another scene where Boba Fett creates his own weapon is fabulous. The whole Tusken Raider story is so engaging that you want to watch it more. 

    We also get to see some new characters in this episode like The Mayor, on whom I must admit the creature work is just out of this world. Then we see Jabba The Hutt's twin cousins. But the real impact moment for me was when they showed a Wookiee. That Wookiee was menacing. I thought may be we'll get to see some Wookiee action but we have to wait for some time for that to happen hopefully.

    All in all this was great second episode of the season. The fans are already so much invested in this one. Let's see what the third episode brings us. 

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