Moon Knight Trailer : Oscar Isaac Is Taking It To The Next Level


Image Courtesy : Deadline     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Marvel Studios

    Oscar Isaac is Marvel's newest superhero to be featured into the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU as we know it. By the looks of the trailer Oscar Isaac is looking so freaking good, he is looking crazy in a best possible way.

    I don't know anything about this character but the trailer got me all excited and Oscar Isaac is one of reasons for it. The editors have absolutely nailed the trailer. It gives you some horror vibes at the beginning but it gets lighter as the trailer moves along. The cinematography looks great, acting as I've expressed earlier is the highlight of the trailer. The trailer also gives you low key creeps, it has that kind of a vibe. 

    The trailer also has some light moments as well, we also get to see a glimpse of another character called as Khonshu and it looks terrifying. The Moon Knight costume looks amazing, something totally different from the MCU as we've seen so far. The visual effects also look very good. The trailer also focuses on some psychological aspects, this show might be driven by that. We also get to see some kind of a cult in the trailer. 

    Overall this trailer has got me really excited about the show now. This comes out at the end of March, hopefully It'll be good.

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