Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 1 Review


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    The season starts right where we left in the in the previous season. This is one of best shows around, specially with Superman in it. The second season also starts pretty strongly. They've continued with the same momentum.

    The episode stars with John Irons' daughter Natalie landing on this Universe and that lefts Lois kind of speechless. Lois freezes after seeing Natalie in person and that's pretty much drives the whole episode. We can clearly see the enhancement in visual effects, they are wonderful, not saying that visual effects were bad in the first season, they were pretty good. But they've upped the ante in this one. 

    We get to see that Superman is having some kind of issues with his health, he first has an incident when he goes to save a North Korean submarine. So just before he goes under water to save the submarine he has some kind of  stroke I guess, may be that's the effect left after his transformation in the last season. The scene with submarine is fantastic to watch, really well done. But the American government doesn't like it as goes against their policies. Lt. General Anderson is not happy with what Superman has done, so he expresses his disappointment. 

   After that an earthquake occurs, and while saving some mine workers Superman comes across some enhanced super-humans but then he again has those weird and painful visions that troubles him very much. We later find out that the enhanced super-humans are part of a military project and they're going to work with the military. 

    On the other hand Lois has troubles dealing with Natalie and she tries to avoid her. Natalie and John are also not having good times as Natalie is struggling to cope up with this Universe. Moving forward we see Lana is Helping Daniel Hart is his Mayor campaign. Everything is also not okay withSarah and Jordan. Later on Lois decides to have a talk with Natalie and she has a nice talk with her. 

    The performances in this episode are always great. Every actor has managed his part with perfection. Technically also this show is top notch. The direction is on point, the story moves at a good pace. The show ends up with someone or something creeping up from the surface of earth. There are some questions that might get answered in the second episode, we'll see.

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