Peacemaker Episode 4 Review


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    The story really gets moving from this episode, not saying that it wasn't moving in the previous episodes but it really gets going in this one. We also get some twists at the end of this episode. This show really digs deep into Peacemaker's past. 

    The episode dives straight into it, Peacemaker's tells the team that he killed the butterfly that came out of the Senator's body, but later in the episode we find out that the butterfly is pretty much alive and Peacemakers is keeping it to himself for now. The team on the other hand tries to keep Judomaster captive, but as skillful as he is, Judomaster manages to escape from captivity. The fight scene between Judomaste and Peacemaker is very entertaining and funny. Peacemaker has the upper hand in that fight. As Judomaster is about to reveal something Leota shoots him but Judomaster survives but in a critical condition. That makes you wonder what really is 'The Operation Butterfly'. Are the butterflies good or bad, that has to been seen.

    The other character that I'm liking in this show is Adrian Chase aka Vigilante, he brings so much energy to this show. His fight performance and fight scene in the prison is absolutely amazing. The way he gets caught by the police is hilarious. It's really interesting to watch how Leota manipulates Adrian to kill Peacemaker's father. In fact all the characters have once again done a fabulous job in this episode. 

    As we move along we get to see some more stuff from Peacemaker's past. Some of the stuff is pretty disturbing to watch actually. It shows how brutal Peacemaker's father is. We already established that he is racist but we get to see his White Dragon costume in this episode. Peacemakers also explains how his father's house has that big space in such a small house. Peacemaker takes all the helmets from his father's place. And he keeps the butterfly in a bottle to probably to find out what's really going on with the mission. 

    Right at the very end of the episode, Leota finds out something about the mission and she lets Murn know this but right at time the biggest twist of the show comes out as we find out that Murn is also a butterfly and the episode ends right there. Quite an ending, let's what we've got in store in the coming episodes.

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