The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 4 Review


Image Courtesy : Den of Geek     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Disney

    Another wonderful episode in the series. This one completes the back story of Boba Fett. So I think we're all caught up now with how Boba Fett managed to survive the Sarlacc Pit and what he did afterwards. 

    We also get to see how Boba found Fennec Shand and saved her life. That's a very important point in the story actually. That's why Fennec is so loyal to Boba. There is a scene in this episode where Boba and Fennec break into Jabba's palace and get Boba's ship out, which is wonderfully shot. And we get to see some cool fight scene with Fennec. Very well choreographed. Every time I see Boba's ship, I get excited. It's a really cool design. Add to that the seismic charge is just really entertaining to watch how it works. 

    Boba Fett tries to find his armor in the Sarlacc pit but instead he nearly get sucked into the pit along with his ship and Fennec. But again that seismic charge saves them. Boba then takes his revenge on the Biker gang, he absolutely destroys them. Pretty cool use of visual effects in that scene. So then we get to the present time, where Boba is now totally healed with the help of his healing pod. 

    We later get to see some Wookie action, where Krrsantan  he beats down bunch of Trandoshans. That scene was pretty good. After watching the fight Boba offers Krrsantan to work with him which he accepts. Boba later on arranges a meeting and appeals to all the leader to remain neutral if the Pyke Syndicate gets into any fight. Which all the leaders agree upon.

    Later on right before the end we hear The Mandalorian theme, which got me all excited. Simply to hear that music is enough to be excited about. Hopefully we'll get to see Mando in the coming episodes.

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