Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2?

Image Courtesy : CBR     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Marvel Studios

We already know that Patrick Stewart is appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But people are curious about the other appearances in the movie. Like characters from Fantastic Four, Iron-Man played by Tom Cruise and some other characters.

But the character for which the people are most curious about is Deadpool, simply because we already know that Deadpool is going to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his movie Deadpool 3. So that's the biggest reason why people are wondering whether Deadpool is going to be in Doctor Strange 2 or not. 

The most likely scenario is that Deadpool could appear in the movie as a part of The Illuminati. We can probably say that Professor X is already a member of The Illuminati, second member could be Mr Fantastic, Superior Iron-Man could be another, so Deadpool could also fit in this list. These are theories for now. But it's could be possible than ever before. We've already seen 3 Spider-Men in the last Spider-Man movie. So this Deadpool theory is not far fetched.

Having said that, the Doctor Strange movie even without these cameos has a lots of ground to cover. There so many characters already in the movie with so many stories to tell. So if all these characters appear in the movie, it will be a strong ask to give justice to all the characters. If this works out well, this could turn out to be the biggest Marvel movie ever. Let's hope that's the way it'll turn out.

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