Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Trailer 2 Review : Crazy!

Image Courtesy : Get Your Comic On     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Marvel Studios

The second trailer for the Dr Strange 2 movie is out and it is absolutely bonkers. The visuals alone are enough to captivate the audience. Some of the shots from this trailer look breathtaking. Not only that but this trailer also hints at some crossovers, seemingly with the past X-men movies. But we've to wait and see. 

The trailer begins with Dr Strange speaking some spooky stuff about his nightmares. We get to see so many things in this one. Some new footage of Wanda travelling across the Universes. In one of the scenes we see Wanda trying to touch another Wanda, who is in the Scarlet Witch form. I wonder what's that all about. People are speculating that Wanda might be the villain of this film but I'm still not convinced about that theory. We also see some of the creatures that we probably saw in the What If series. 

What makes this trailer even more interesting is those trippy visuals effects, they feel even more trippier than the first Dr Strange movie. Just imagine if the trailer has these crazy visuals, what the actual film has in store for us. We again see the evil Dr Strange who is may be the Strange Supreme or maybe not. Even the interaction between Wanda and Dr Strange is very interesting as Wanda says something to Dr Strange that actually makes sense, in the trailer at least. 

Overall the trailer looks really cool. You've to see it to believe it. We might be looking at the next big thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Spider-Man Far From Home. Let's see what Sam Raimi has to offer to the audience.

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