Moon Knight Episode 3 Review

Image Courtesy : Polygon     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Disney

Episode 3 unveils so many things, it also gives a bit of a back story of Lyla. The thing that stood out for me in this episode is the way they have shot Egypt in this one. It looks totally different from what I've seen of Egypt in the other movies or TV shows. It looks fantastic. Another Oscar Isaac special this one.

This episode has so many dramatic moments. The scene where we realize that, Marc and Steven are not the only personalities and the body has another personality. Which is quite remarkable. The other personality brutally kills people. But the more interesting thing is Khonshu never mentions the third personality and the other two never ask Khoshu about the third personality. Maybe we'll get the answer in the next episode.

This episode has quite a good amount of action, some of which is very good. Specially when Moon Knight shows up and fights a bunch of people. The struggle of Marc and Steven to take control over the body is very interesting to watch. Full marks to Oscar Isaac to pull off this difficult performance once again. The actress playing Lyla is also very good, she shines in her performance. Ethan Hawke is good as always. We also get to see some of the other gods in this episode. The whole scene inside the pyramid is very well shot and excellently performed by Oscar Isaac. 

The scene at the very end where Khonshu turns back the sky images is absolutely amazing. The visual effects are top notch. As a result of that sky manipulation, the other gods trap Khonshu into a rock. And possibly Marc is the only who could release him with the help of other personalities of course. Overall this was another very good episode in the show. Let's what happens in the next one.

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