Halo (TV Series) Episode 4 Review

Image Courtesy : Den of Geek     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Paramount+ 

When I first heard about this series, I wasn't expecting much from the show. But after 4 episodes I'm absolutely loving this show. Everything about this show is great. The pacing is on point, the makers are taking the time to develop characters. And this show has so many interesting characters.

This was another episode which focused on the characters and the setting up of the plot. The visual effects in this show are absolute treat to watch. The production quality is amazing. Even though this 4th episode doesn't have any action. It's still gripping and engaging thanks to the wonderful writing and tight direction. Also the performances are fantastic. This episode also focuses on the other Spartans. Specially Kai-125 who also removes her emotional suppressor pellet after watching Master Chief removing his pellet.

There are some really good scenes between Kai-125 and Miranda. Where Miranda is trying to find some more information and analyzing the Artifact found on Madrigal. The actor playing Kai-125 has done a fantastic job in playing her character. We also get to some more back story on the remaining Spartans. Which is also really good to watch. There is an entire scene with Master Chief in his childhood house, which is quite incredible, the visual effects in that sequence are remarkable. The whole story-line that revolves around Master Chief's childhood is fascinating. I'm loving it thus far. 

On the other hand Kwan goes to her home on Madrigal with the help of Soren. She them meets her Aunt but she gets killed soon after. The stunt performed in that scene is top notch. It'll be interesting to see where this Kwan story-line is going. Throughout the show Dr Halsey's character is very suspicious and this episode also cements that thought. I'm very impressed with the makers who have managed to give the audience a gripping show. Curiously waiting for the coming episodes.   

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