Thor : Love And Thunder Teaser Review

The much awaited and the most anticipated Thor : Love and Thunder teaser is finally out and it's absolutely fantastic. This is not what I was expecting. But I'm not complaining. I loved it.

The teaser gives a completely different vibe as compared to the previous Thor movies. Great song, stunning visuals and some really lovely dialogues by Thor himself. Chris Hemsworth is looking wonderful. He always looks wonderful but had to mention it. We also get to see The Guardians minus Gamora. Hopefully she'll show up in the movie. 

We also get some comedy, which is quite expected. But the last part of the teaser which makes everyone goes WoW! That is where Natalie Portman shows up in her Thor Avatar. It looks dope. It has made me even more excited about the movie. Marvel is a master in making the audience hyped about the movie. It's a great start for the movie. 

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