Halo (TV Series) Episode 5 Review : It has gotten nuts!

Image Courtesy : IGN     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Paramount+

This one is the most action packed episode thus far in the series. The action in this episode is mind blowing. The build up from the last few episodes really pays off in this one. The visual effects and the action is incredible.

The story leading up to the action sequences is also very intriguing. The drama set up in the series in superb. Considering that this supposed to be an action heavy show.  The character development and the intense drama is praise worthy. The action is also well put together, really fun to watch. Well choreographed fight scenes. The performances are also top notch. 

The episode also increases our curiosity about the artifact. Why it is connected to the Master Chief and Makee. We also get to see the secret how Master Chief was brought about to the Spartan Program. The scene where Master Chief finds about his abduction and then tries to get after Halsey is very well shot and executed. Cortana shuts down Master Chief's neural activities just before he could harm Dr Halsey, that moment was quite powerful. Master Chief never gets his chance after that to confront Dr Halsey because the Covenant attack their post. 

Mater Chief also finds out about Kai-125 that she has too removed her pellet. Master Chief then grounds Kai from the battle. But just as the Covenant attack she has to join the fight. In doing so Kai gets into a big trouble and then Master Chief goes to save her but losses the Eridanus II artifact. The Covenant also send Makee via a pod probably to infiltrate the UNSC base and get the other artifact. It will be very interesting to see the next episode.

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