Moon Knight Episode 5 Review

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Episode 5 is the most serious and hard hitting episode thus far in the series. The story in the episode bends your mind in ways that won't expect. Some of the scenes are so emotional and sad that it gets hard to watch. Full marks to Oscar Isaac for a masterful performance. And also to the writers and director for handling the series so well.

As the previous episode ended on a slightly lighter note on a God in Hippo avatar showing on screen. But the actual episode turned out to be totally different and very serious story wise. We get so many answers in this episode as how the Steven personality came about. The childhood scenes and the entire story is quite sad and hard hitting. I'm still unsure about the reality of the story. I don't know which story is real and which one is imagination as of now.

The visual effects in this episode are far better than the earlier episodes. The overall tone and the story is very good. The flashbacks and the childhood story of Marc, who is the original personality and who in fact created the Steven Grant personality to cope up with his messed up life. Specially to deal with his abusive mother. The whole storyline is crazy. Oscar Isaac has delivered an award worthy performance. He makes the show even better. Ethan Hawke is equally good as this manipulative doctor. 

Overall this one was a well made and a tightly directed episode. With only one episode remaining now, I wonder how they cover the different aspects of the story. We'll see how it goes.

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