Moon Knight Episode 4 Review

Image Courtesy : Marvel     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Disney

The 4th episode in the series is probably the most important episode story wise. We get to see a lot of things in this one. Along with super cool scenes and of course some top notch acting from Oscar Isaac and Co.

Another wonderful episode with a twist in between. This episode really stretches our imagination and make us doubt about the reality of the story. Which is kind of trippy. Oscar Isaac has made sure that the viewers will be hooked to the screen while he is on screen. The banter between Marc and Steven is so entertaining and funny at times. The love triangle between Marc, Layla and Steven is interesting too. The scenes inside the pyramid are quite incredible and are very entertaining to watch.

Even though there is hardly any action in the episode yet it moves pretty quickly. The riddles and the mystery surrounding Ammit is very engaging. You want to watch more, full credit to the writers and the director. There are also some horror elements in this episode which are very well done. Keeps you glued to your seats. 

The total sequence at the mental health facility shown in the episode is mind bending, makes you think about the reality. The way they have put together all the details and all the character in that facility is fascinating. We also get to see Marc and Steven together in different bodies, which is kind of cool. We are still waiting for the third personality. The episode also ends with an unexpected character introduction of another god. The reaction given by Marc & Steven after seeing that character is pure gold and a tad bit funny. Another great episode.

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