Halo (TV Series) Episode 7 Review

Image Courtesy : Mister Snake     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Paramount+

This episode focuses on Kwan and we barely get to see Master Chief. It was a decent episode nonetheless. The chemistry between Kwan and Soren was refreshing to see. Also Kwan has given ample to time express herself as a performer. She has done a very good job. Soren as always is top notch. 

The story mainly focuses on Kwan's ancestors and how she has mission which she has to complete now. The action in this episode is very good. Some minor call backs to the video game like the sticky bomb. It was very nice to see.

I think Kwan's story will connect to Master Chief's. This might not feel an important episode right now but I think it will connect the dots later on. At least that's what I think. There are some really nice scenes in this episode too. Specially where Kwan meets her Father in the visions. It was a really well performed  scene by both the actors.

Overall this was a different episode from what we've been seeing so far. I wonder what will now happen in the next episode.

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