Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 11 Review

Image Courtesy : Geeks + Gamers     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Warner Brothers

This was an excellent episode after the last episode which took place on the other earth. This episode I think is right up there with the all the best episodes in the series. The ending of the was just beautiful. Kudos to the makers.

The episode starts with lots of action straightaway, quite incredible how the makers have managed to keep the pacing in check. We get into action right away with the other Jonathan trying to merge with our Jonathan. But Superman saves the day just in time. Jonathan then starts having frequent visions about the Bizzaro Jonathan. Superman finds Bizzaro Jonathan and goes to deal with him but Lana shows up and Bizzaro Jonathan gets away. 

Bizzaro Jonathan then captures Lana and lures Superman into an abandoned factory and injures him with the help of Cryptonite. And again goes to merge with Jonathan. Lana helps Superman by removing the cryptonite from his body. Meanwhile Jordan fights Bizzaro Jonathan and saves Jonathan. Jordan unknowingly flies high while fighting with Bizzaro Jonathan. That scene was really cool. Superman once again saves Jordan and captures Bizzaro Jonathan. 

On the other hand Bizzaro Lana injures John Henry but Natalie saves John using the X-Cryptonite. Because of the danger that Lana is facing, Clark decides to reveal his secret and he also lets the family know about his decision which his family supports fully. The scenes where Clark reveals his identity to Lana is beautiful and one of the highlights of the entire season. Eager to see the rest of the season. 

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