Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 10 Review

Image Courtesy : TVLine     Image Source : Google        Licensed To : Warner Brothers

This episode is nothing like the other episodes, it's totally different and weird at time. But it's very good nonetheless. It takes place in the other Universe on the other earth. Some of the concepts that the makers have shown in the episode are quite amazing.

We get to see this other world or the other earth which is square in shape. It was very interesting to see that. The other world has a red Sun so we get that red tint throughout episode. We get to see really weird and different scenarios. Which we wouldn't ever imagine in the normal circumstances. 

The Superman of that world doesn't keep his identity a secret, that was another different take on the story. It all eventually gets connected to Ally of that world. Because of her everyone turn against the Superman and they become part of a cult which Ally has started. 

The story angle of Anderson is also very interesting he realizes his mistakes and he tries to help Superman but he loses his life in the process. All the characters shown from that world are very intriguing. They even name all the characters as Bizzaro, which was a nice touch. 

Overall I really like the different take in this particular episode. The next episode should be really interesting.

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