Halo (TV Series) Episode 6 Review

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This was a fantastic follow up episode after the action packed 5th episode. Amazing direction and superbly written. The show is keep getting better. I'm absolutely enjoying it.

Even though this episode doesn't have much action, it's still a very well paced and engaging episode. Few of the scenes in this one are so powerful. They make quite an impact. The scene where Master Chief tests Cortana's limits by putting Dr Halsey's life in danger is very intense and very well written. The performances are just fabulous. We don't get any of the Kwan's story in this episode.

Also the scene between Master Chief and Kai 125 is very good. Both the actors have done a fantastic job in pulling that scene off. Makee's interaction with Master Chief is very interesting to watch. Her character is so complex, you can't figure out whether she is being honest or not. Margaret gets into the act is well by removing Dr Halsey from her position and putting Miranda in charge of her lab. First time in the show we get to see Dr Halsey showing some emotions towards Miranda. We also get to see classic video game version of Cortana. Which is quite a refreshing call back to the game.

But the biggest reveal comes towards the end of the episode where we get to see the first glimpses of the halo. The scenes is incredible, mesmerizing to be honest. Somehow Master Chief aka John and Makee are connected to each other. We should soon find out how. 

Overall this one was another fantastic episode, I loved it. Hoping for some quality stuff in the coming episodes.

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