Moon Knight Episode 6 (Finale) Review

Image Courtesy : TVLine     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Disney

This is one of the finest finales that I've seen in the recent times. The makers have managed to pull off a fantastic final episode even though the episode is only 42 minutes long. A complete package from start to end.

The previous episode was very intense and equally emotional. Comparing to that this one is on the lighter side. But it's as good as the previous one if not better. This episode has so much action and a grand visual battle. Some of the fight choreography is quite incredible. We once again get to see the acting prowess of Oscar Isaac. He is remarkable throughout the show. He hasn't missed a single beat. I wouldn't be surprised if he wins some awards for this performance. All other actors are fabulous too. There is no weak link in the acting department.

The avatar of Ammit is very good and very effective. The reveal of Ammit is wonderfully executed. The character designs are top class in this show, be it Khonshu, Taweret or Ammit. The makers had to cover a lot of ground in this last episode but they've done it incredibly well. 

The fight scenes featuring Mr Knight, Moon Knight and Layla's Teweret avatar are superb. The big battle between Khonshu and Ammit is also very well shot. The ending was fantastic. Specially the introduction of Jake Lockley was amazing. Overall this is a top quality show and this is one favorites along with Loki. I'm not sure if we get a second season for this show but if we do get it. I'm up for it. 

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