Halo (TV Series) Episode 8 Review

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After the last episode which was totally dedicated towards Kwan's story. This one comes back at the main Master Chief storyline. In fact this is a wonderful episode with some really cool moments and fight scenes. The stunning visual effects add to the value.

After the visions Master Chief goes to Makee and tells her about her vision and then gets surprised as Makee also had the same visions. The scene where Master Chief takes Makee out of the cell and strolls outside may seem like a normal scene but it is a really well put together scene. Specially the visual effects are so good that you can't even tell that whether it is a real place or special effects. Full marks to the visual effect artists. Later on we see Master Chief and Makee develop feelings toward each other and Makee doubts her intentions and removes the weapon that she carries in her fingernail. 

Dr Halsey tries to manipulate Makee with the help of Cortana and her assistant. Makee other hand gets into two minds whether to trust Dr Halsey or John aka Master Chief. Dr Halsey then activates the Zed protocol which gives her direct command over the Spartans. She tells the other Spartans to capture Master Chief and bring Makee to her. But Kai-125 resists so the other two Spartans knock her out and then they have a big fight with Master Chief. The fight scenes are absolutely fantastic. Very well choreographed and perfectly performed by the stunt personnel. Cortana switches sides and works with Master Chief. That was really nice moment. 

Meanwhile Miranda finds out about Makee and how she killed all those people in the ship. Then she lets her father and Margaret know. That's when Makee touches the artifact and knocks everyone down. And also she says her goodbyes to Master Chief. The episode ends right there on a cliffhanger. Very well put together episode. With only one episode remaining now. It will very interesting to how they manage all these different stories within the story. So far so good for me.

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